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Learntech Asia 2020 - Learning Disruption²
Asia’s Response To COVID-19
Education And Training Disruption:
Emergencies Measures, Solutions And Opportunities

The pandemic has forced immediate adoption of available eLearning solutions and a significant rethinking of the education and training fundamentals. In the education sector alone, more than 91% of the world’s student population is affected by school closures. 1.57 billion learners were forced out of school in 188 countries. While the global lockdown of education institutions has pushed educators to take immediate measures ensuring emergency education provision, its ripple effect is only beginning to be felt. A similar effect is experienced in the training world as well.

To meet the challenges of this accelerated transition, slow-paced and outmoded education and training models are hastily being replaced by new learning modalities which have come in first as quick fixes but have now the opportunity to become the new standards. Live broadcasts, online learning, video based-learning and virtual reality learning; the demand for education or learning technology is becoming more critical than ever. As such, new pedagogical and training techniques within the learning framework should align with the needs that the COVID-19 pandemic has forcefully uncovered.

In response to the changing landscape of teaching and learning and with a special emphasis on the challenges in Asia, LEARNTech Asia Conference 2020 seeks to provide up-to-date insights to support the learning sector. The event aims to analyse and provide concrete solutions to the shifts in the education and training paradigm by calling upon world experts in the field and by offering immediate scalable solutions and tangible strategies to grasp long term opportunities.

Conference Objectives
To Review The Megatrends In Learning In Light Of The COVID-19 Pandemic
To Identify Adequate New Teaching Strategies, Progressive Policies And Innovative Business Models
To Share Best Practice And Review Current And Future Solutions
In the context of demanding swift change, this session focuses on how education institutions and training industries can be continued and sustained without compromising its quality in a relatively short period of time. Most education institutions and learning providers are caught unprepared moving teaching online. From the system to infrastructure, the education and training ecosystem is vulnerable to a new way of learning - learn remotely. Topic 1 will offer an opportunity to review the megatrends in learning, to expose tomorrow’s challenges and to appraise the needs in knowledge production and delivery in terms of threats and opportunities.
While tackling institutional operation, education and training leaders are concerned about ways toward online learning environments without forgoing learners’ performance. Topic 2 will be aimed at offering new perspectives on pedagogical approaches especially looking into learning design methods that can best exploit the technological advancements provided by the latest eLearning solutions. In addition to a new learning environment i.e. distance/ digital learning, this session invites discussions including, but not limited to, the tools in coordinating resources, methods in facilitating courses assessment and process in creating learning communities in the online environment that enhance reflective and dialogical learning as a whole.
Most educational organisations and learning providers are now scrambling to search for options and innovative strategies to deal with the recent pandemic threats. Digital learning becomes an immediate solution when schools are closed. With 5G technology becoming more prevalent in many countries, digital education comes in a range of formats: from digital learning management systems to digital learning content tools, information sharing platform, live-video platform and social media. In order to accelerate the continuity of learning and create a better learning engagement with the right tools, this session will pay special attention to reviewing current and future business solutions offered, successful case studies and solutions through innovative ICT-enabled pedagogical practices.
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